Hair Extensions/Weaves Basics

beauty-3When you get Extensions/Weave, take your time and start by exploring your options. Hair Extensions/Weaves can be expensive and it takes more time then your basic haircut. So it is important to do your research because you don’t want to waste your time or money. Every client should know what the type of weave they are getting and the price range for each weave method. REWORD:Just because you paid several hundred dollars for your extensions, you still may get a $100 job by a stylist not experience with the intricate method of Extensions. Extensions/Weaves are not complicated and should not be an all day process for the experienced Extension/Weave Specialist. An Extension/Weave Specialist should know and be accomplished at least 3 different Extension/Weave Methods.

Extensions in Life style – You should consider your lifestyle when choosing the type of Hair Extensions/Weave. If you don’t like to style your hair, choose hair with a curly or wavy texture. Curly or Wavy Extensions/Weave are commonly referred to as, (wash and go hair). If your a women that doesn’t mind light styling you can choose extension/weaves that’s shoulder length, it is easier to style. If your a glamour girl and don’t mind styling your hair everyday then you can choose any kind of style you desire. If you are not sure what style works for you use wigs to test run a style before committing to extensions/weave.

relaxers-kaymatthews-09Hair Quality – Good hair quality is essential, especially for longer hairstyles (12 inches or more). It is important to remember when purchasing hair online you don’t get the opportunity to feel the hair before buying. The hair weft stitching should be tight, secure and neatly stitched as flat as possible. When choosing hair you want to choose hair that looks and feels natural. It should match your natural hair texture. Choosing hair texture also depends on what style you want to achieve. If you desire something short and progressive, you do not need high hair quality, because most of it will be cut off to create those funky short styles. For styles past your shoulders you want the highest quality of hair that feels good. The highest hair quality is when it’s purchased more in it’s natural state, with little to no processing. It should be labeled as such. Their are several types of hair. The lowest quality is Chinese, because of the excessive process it undergoes to become ready to use. A medium to high quality would be Indian hair, Indian hair has less process and is often sold in a less processed/more natural condition. The highest quality would be European/Russian hair.

Consult a Professional – Many hairstylist know how to braid and sew, but there’s more that goes to Extensions/Weaves then braiding and sewing, which is the reason you should consult an Extension /Weave Specialist. An Extension/Weave Specialist should know more than one method of applying Extensions/Weave. An Extension/Weave Specialist can also help with maintenance and keeping your natural hair and scalp healthy. In addition the Extension/Weave Specialist will give your Extensions/Weave a professional and finished look.

Your extensions/Weave Specialist should also be able to provide a professional haircut. A profesional haircut will provide a fabulous finish and add natural movement to your Extensions/Weave. A custom haircut and face framing is essential as well as the proper placement of the tracks for free flowing tresses.

weaveExtensions/Weaves is the best way to sample hair color because you are not confined to the color. If you purchase low end hair you will not be able to color it, because of the extreme processing. When purchasing medium to high quality hair in most cases your able to color or use techniques like balayage, ombre, and highlighting.

Maintaining your natural hair is important. Continue to condition and cleanse the hair underneath your extensions. You should shampoo your hair at least ever two weeks. Make sure the hair dries through so there is no mildew.